What is short time mail?
Short time mail is also known as temporary email, disposable email, anonymous email and 30-minutes email, it is valid for 30 minutes, when the mailbox expires, you can renew it to extend its use of time, when the system found you 12 hours without any operation, the system will recycle the mailbox and disposed to receive mail, to ensure the safety of your mail.
What are short time mail(temporary email) used for?
To sign up for suspicious websites, create a random email address and receive mail anonymously.It is mainly used to protect your privacy, accept some unimportant mail, such as: forums, competitors.
Advantages of a short time mail(temporary email)
1.No registration required; 2.Secure, anonymous, all mail will be deleted 12 hours after the address expires; 3.Simple operation, just click the random button to get a random email address; 4.A large number of email addresses can be created at random;
How to extend the valid time of email address?
Just click on renew button within 12 hours after the email address expires.
Can I send emails?
We do not provide the function of sending emails, because the spam measure of the mailbox is likely to lead to the other party can not receive your mail.
How do I delete my email?
Just click on destory button.
What if I don't receive the mail?
Wait a minute, there may be a delay.